They say that travel broadens the mind. Well, I certainly think it does. When we travel we learn about other people, other places, and other ways of doing things. But we also learn about ourselves: each new experience provides the opportunity to reflect on who we are, what we do and how we do it. If we are prepared to reflect on the differences we observe, we start to understand more about what makes us tick.

However, you don’t need to travel to experience new ideas and share information – you can do that now in so many ways – from books, television, conversation, and, of course, the internet.

On this website, you’ll find articles on a range of items that are on interest to me, particularly travel and eating out – and occasionally both aspects ideally combined in one article.

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I hope you find it interesting.

Some of my experiences do, of course, form the background to the range of talks I offer – see my talks page for information.